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The Mission

Dual Impact Consulting is here to assist clients of all scale and sizes in their fundraising and mission awareness efforts.

From a modest event-based fundraiser to a comprehensive capital campaign, Dual Impact can help at all stages with the belief that all fundraising and support campaigns can have two desired goals:

  1. Immediate revenue and human support.
  2. Long term relationships development which assures sustainability and future growth.

That's the Dual Impact!

The Dual Impact Difference

In fundraising - one or two sizes do not fit all.

Too often, the idea of fundraising is oversimplified by the concept of trying to "raise money for (project X)". And, while bake sales, 5K's, raffles and silent auctions all have very profitable and situational effectiveness, the real long-term impact of an effective fundraiser comes from the ability to elicit complete buy-in for an organization or non-profit entity. We can run golf outings as well as anyone, we can stage a 5K that will generate awareness and real dollars for your organization and we can do that better than most people are doing it.

At Dual Impact we look at donor relationships in the long-term. Sure, a donation made today is appreciated and needed, but that's only one part of the equation. We partner with donors not just for their support, but also for their knowledge, their network, and their commitment to the cause. In the long run a donor's support is more than just a check and their all-in buy-in has the potential to be more valuable in the long run.

Because, when you get all-in buy-in from your constituents, you assure support that will grow with you as your organization grows. Sometimes, it's easier than that. You need someone to "dial for dollars". No problem, we've got that - and all strategies in between - covered for you.


At Dual Impact, we are proud to offer a variety of tailor-made strategies and services to help every organization meet their goals. Examples of our services include:

Full-Time Consulting

Limited Consulting

Strategic Planning

Event Planning and Execution Assistance

Cold/Bulk List Calling


We look forward to learning more about your goals and how we can help you exceed them. At Dual Impact, every partnership begins with a simple conversation. Complete our Potential Partner Form to get started!

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A Few Words From Our Network

Our name and reputation are paramount to the Dual Impact brand. We want to be known as a trusted and expert partner that gets the job done. Hear from some of our closest friends and partners about the experience of working with Kale and Dual Impact.

In 14 years as Men's Basketball coach at La Salle University, I worked closely with Kale Beers on numerous fundraising, promotional, alumni and media events. He brings uncommon energy and passion to the mission, which resonates with all stakeholders. There are few tasks in athletic administration and fundraising that he is not experienced with. He can bring value to your programs.

-John Giannini PhD
Director of Athletics - Rowan University

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kale for about a year and a half. We were introduced through my brother, who knew him from South Jersey connections.

I have had multiple experiences with him since our initial meeting over a round of golf and post golf. He is passionate, caring, dedicated and 100% about the organization he is serving. His personal skills and relational understanding are exceptional. He is what we brand in sales/marketing as a “game changer”. I have come to value his friendship and belief in self and others.

My family has recently made a five (5) year commitment to support caddie scholarships and to be frank, without Kale's stewardship in this process, this gift wouldn't have been made.

-Chris Thompson
Retired, former Principal Business Developer - Vertex, Inc.

Along with an impressive range and depth of development experience and expertise, Kale Beers offers his clients a passionate commitment to building strong donor relationships, along with a demonstrated willingness to do whatever it takes to deliver sustainable fundraising success.

-Jack Shannon, JD, MPP.
Former Trustee and Chair of Advancement Committee - La Salle University
Former VP for University Advancement - Montclair State University
Former President - Christian Brothers University

I have worked with Kale as both a trustee and a donor: Kale is direct, energetic, inspiring and results oriented. He knows how to read the room, explain the mission and most important, make the ask.

I am honored to serve on 4 non-profit boards and I have experienced similar dynamics on all of them. In the development arena there is often a lack of certain traits that drive success: empathy, likability, drive, resilience and results orientation. Kale Beers has these traits.

You can trust Kale Beers.

-Steve Degnan
CHRO, CPG Executive
Chief HR Officer, North America (retired) - Nestle Purina North America
Board Member - Guardian Angel Settlement Association, Starkloff Disability Institute, Animal Rescue Foundation, La Salle University

Kale Beers serves his clients with the same passion, focus and determination he served our nation in the United States Army. I am honored to know Kale as he embodies the same giving spirit we learned at La Salle University and the values of our Army.

The Army Values are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Kale Beers lives these values daily and provides his unwavering support and insight to each of his clients.

-James M. Bell, JD
Lieutenant Colonel, Aviation - U.S. Army
La Salle ‘91

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